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Posted on Monday 28th of August 2023
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This year has been filled with so many let downs that I should be used to it by now, I shouldn’t feel so bad when a model chickens out of a shoot, or gets a better offer ….but I do.

Why… because I’m a caring human being, not a machine like an ATM that you press his buttons to get your money. Also that photography was my job for many years and I understand so well how I had to be nice to clients I didn’t actually enjoy being with. I had to act the part until they paid me and leave smiling, saying thankyou, see you next time. Dreading next time.

The successful models know this life is hard work which has some perks but that it’s a job like any other, if you piss off your employer, don’t expect a bonus.

The newer models can be blinded by the perks, without realising there is work, preparation & commitments required to achieve them.

Yes, I have just been let down at short notice by a model, just as I was booking the hotel room to shoot in. She’s flustered. It’s her first proper shoot. She needs a bit more confidence. She took all my help, she’s still got all my advice, lots of it. I have nothing in return. I wonder if she’ll ever have the confidence for a first shoot?

She had several excellent photographers lined up for shoots this week. She was starting out really well. She’s followed all the advice. Now she’s cancelled everybody, not just me. “I’m not ready”. How many experienced models would jump at the chance to shoot with this group of brilliantly experienced photographers?

I wonder if she said the same on the day of her driving test. I’m not ready. I can’t do this today?

Why today?

I never name & shame. Life’s too short. I talk to my friends. Togs (who, just like like mods) do talk to each other.

Kind Regards Everybody. Have a nice day.

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