Brighton, , New Zealand

Welcome to my dirty little corner of the abandoned warehouse that used to store porn Betamax tapes. I'm a part time photographer, therapist, artist, troublemaker, alcoholic, space pirate and international man of mystery.

I'm very straight forward. Please read my refs, they give an accurate feeling of what you'll be dealing with.

I'm here because I like taking bad pictures of bad wimmin. But deep down I'm just a big softy who wants to make pretty pictures of pretty girls.

I don't want to be the next big thing. I just like what I do and you can't ask for more than that.

I hate mediocre models who are just here to rinse $$$ out of photographers. I like models who'll push me and my levels. If you can give me a reason to shoot you clothed, I'll love you forever. Push me, please. Routine is boring.

Otherwise I like filth, perversion, fetish, restraints, porn, erotica and rum. And open mindedness. I talk a lot and I shoot quickly.

Yes I shoot to adult, purely because I don't like to be held back from "that shot" just because something or other is on display. You'll shocked at how not prudish I am. Look closely at my port before judging me. Do you see any readers wives GWC shit? No. Good. I adore models who push the shoot to adult before I do.

If you ignored all the above (boring right?), please read the following

If you add me to a want to work with list, that means collaboration, which means no payment. Think about it. Or be honest and make a list called "Want to get paid by", I won't be offended. I won't work with you, either.
I don't use studios because I prefer the atmosphere and emotion of familiar surroundings.
I have a no chaperones policy. End of. I have a decent, honest rep and if you need a chaperone, you need to grow the hell up.

I love rum and bourbon (not together...) and Star Wars and Tolkien and comics and video games and loud loud angry music. I'm a typical teenager, I'm the kid I don't have. My idea of shoot prep is seeing if my camera works and then playing video games.

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