Compton, Devon, United Kingdom

I am known for my rather cheesy glamour and always looking for fun and attractive/sexy models to shoot with as collaborations. I make absolutely no apology for loving gorgeous female bottoms and cheeky shots, but NOT adult. So, nice arse and sexy panties, bring it on :) I am trying hard to cut down on shoots as I have a knackered back, so I only want to shoot people who can match or beat what I have. Very cheeky, very naughty, that's VERY naughty, but NOT adult or porn, just highly provocative pictures that are sure to attract people to your profile.

My shoots are always fun and are always TF, with the very, very rare exception, but please don't send me messages saying you would like to shoot with me and your rates are £XX, it proves you haven't read this and you are then a No Way for me; it's about basic manners. Because of where I live, miles from most of you, if someone comes to me, I usually offer them accommodation, invite them to suffer my culinary delights and I might even share my vodka. No one has died as result of my cooking, YET, but hopefully, I will get a few more potential victims soon. If you want to see more references, I have 77 positive ones on Purestorm, no negatives, so far :) or copy the following link: Information and then References and you will see the ones I have copied to that page.

I don't just shoot glamour, I like quirky stuff too, in fact, quirky glamour and I is one happy chappy.

I do not pay travel expenses, but I won't ask you to pay my electricity bill, the possible two days of editing the images we choose, or for my vodka, which I will need after a day shooting :) Just as an example, one model, with a very average selection of images on her port, but with bags and bags of potential, was happy with what we were talking about shooting, but then asked about travel expenses. £13.80 was the cost, I checked it. She then said as I wouldn't pay her travel, she couldn't come. Well, as far as I am concerned, brilliant, anyone who expects me to work all day on the shoot and then a couple of days after, but can't pay that amount can go and jump in a big bucket of shit. I certainly don't want to spend a day with someone with that attitude and I certainly don't want to spend that amount of time editing her pics.


My rates are very reasonable, you pose and look awesome, it is £00.00 per hour, you look like a moose and it is £35 per hour.

I am certainly not everyone's cup of tea, I will not talk in a particular way because I am expected to, I am probably a Philistine when it comes to political incorrectness, I am a normal bloke, not some artist who pretends you look beautiful as nature intended, if you bend over and your bum looks awesome, I am likely to say so, probably in a most inappropriate manner too :) I don't subscribe to the "one must act professionally" bollocks, it is all a cover, it is used to look wonderful while copping a good look at a naked or half naked hottie. I am just a normal 55 year old bloke, with two utterly crazy Collies who love to interfere with a shoot. One is a sniffer and as a pair, they work as a team, one distracting you, while the other moves in. You have been warned! But you will try and take them with you when you leave, they are that awesome.

Chaperones. If it is a location shoot, yes, very handy, due to knackered back, so they can help carry the heavy stuff. Other than that, the are a pain in the bum, but by all means ask; if you are someone I really want to shoot with, I might let you off, borderline and it will very likely be the deal breaker.

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