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My interest in photography was nurtured by my father. He used to develop his own black and white photographs in a makeshift darkroom at our home and I used to watch fascinated as the pictures gradually appeared, to my young eyes as if by magic! I was from that time hooked on photography at least that is the taking of images and not necessarily the thought of spending long hours in a darkened room.
At first I used a second hand 120 camera I had saved up to buy, I think that the cost of actually paying to get my pictures processed help to make me a better photographer, always careful not to waste film ect. On the equipment front things got better when my father gave me his old 35mm camera. Another mystery of the 'art' came with it, a Weston II light meter.
I used that ancient meter for years until I found it difficult to read the small figures, it is still one of my treasured possessions.

The first real camera I brought was an Olympus OM1, state of the art at the time followed after a few years by the Olympus OM2n model . I gathered a good selection of matching lenses over the years to support the Olympus system. At this point most of my photographs were of family, holidays and local scenes. I now use a Canon system with a 1D-X camera and assorted lenses.

Then about 20 years ago everything changed , I discovered the Churnet Valley Railway. The railway and heritage centre was just becoming established and the visits there awoke another of my boyhood passions , steam engines! The railway developed steadily so there was always something new to put a lens on. Over time I changed from 35mm to digital cameras, became the Churnet Valleys Railway official photographer and a member of Stafford Photographic Society.

Living in Stoke on Trent both the railway and Stafford Photographic Society are on my doorstep so to speak.

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