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Htc 10
The HTC 10 is an Android smartphone manufactured and marketed by HTC. It was announced on April 12, 2016... view more

Htc Butterfly
The HTC Butterfly is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed and developed by HTC. First announced for release in Japan by Japanese carrier KDDI as the HTC J Butterfly (HTL21), the J Butterfly was released in Japan on 9 December 2012 as the successor to the HTC J. Outside Japan, in other Asian countries, the phone was released as the HTC Butterfly (X920d) and in China and Russia as the HTC Butterfly (X920e). The Chinese/Russian and US versions of the.. view more

Htc Desire
The HTC Desire (codenamed Bravo) is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC. It was announced on 16 February 2010 and released in Europe and Australia in the second quarter of the same year. The HTC Desire was HTC's third flagship phone running Android 2.1 Eclair which can be upgraded to 2.2 Froyo or 2.3 Gingerbread. Internally it bears a strong resemblance to the Nexus One, but differs in some features... view more

Htc Desire 610
The HTC Desire 610 is an Android-based smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC. It is an affordable smartphone part of the Desire range of mid-range handsets, and was aimed at the same market sector with devices such as the Motorola Moto G, Sony Xperia M2 and Nokia Lumia 735. It was announced on 24 February 2014 at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. It was released in China in March 2014, in Europe starting April 2014 and in Australia.. view more

Htc Desire 620
The HTC Desire 620 is an Android-based smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC. It is part of the Desire range of mid-range handsets. It was announced on 29 November 2014 in Taiwan. It was announced for the European market on 9 December 2014... view more

Htc Desire Hd A9191
The HTC Desire HD (codenamed: "HTC Ace") is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation. It was unveiled at a press event in London hosted by HTC on September 15, 2010, and was made available for sale in October in Europe and in January 2011 in Canada. The Desire was HTC's fourth flagship Android device until the release of their new line of flagship model, the HTC Sensation... view more

Htc Desire S
The HTC Desire S (codenamed Saga) is a smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC Corporation that runs the Android operating system. First announced at Mobile World Congress on February 15, 2011 as a successor to the HTC Desire, it was released on March 8, 2011.The unit shipped with Android (operating system) 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense 2.1; upgrades were released to Android 2.3.5 with HTC Sense 3.0, and to Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with HTC Sense 3.6... view more

Htc One M9
The HTC One M9 is an Android smartphone manufactured and marketed by HTC. The third-generation One was officially unveiled in a press conference at Mobile World Congress on March 1, 2015, and it was released worldwide on April 10, 2015. It is the successor to HTC One (M8)... view more

Htc One Mini
The HTC One Mini is an Android smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC. Alternatively known as the HTC M4, HTC 601e or HTC 601s, the One Mini is a mid-range variant of HTC's 2013 flagship high-end smartphone, the HTC One. As such, the One Mini was designed to provide an overall experience as similar to its high-end counterpart as possible, while still being competitively priced in comparison to other smartphones in its range. Officially unveiled on 18 July 2013, the.. view more

Htc One V
The HTC One V is a smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC as part of the HTC One series which runs Android 4.0.3 with an HTC Sense 4.0 overlay. This phone is constructed from an aluminum unibody. Its design resembles the HTC Legend released in 2010. It features a 5-megapixel camera, 3.7-inch touchscreen (480×800 resolution), 512 MB RAM, a 1 GHz processor, and Beats audio. Officially announced by HTC on 26 February 2012, the HTC One V was released on.. view more

Htc One X
The HTC One X is a touchscreen-based, slate-sized smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC. It was released running Android 4.0.3, (upgradeable to 4.2.2) with the HTC Sense 4.0 skin (later upgradeable to 5.0). The One X is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 for most international GSM carriers, making this the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, while a variant which is LTE capable is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor... view more

Htc U12
The HTC U12+ is an Android smartphone manufactured and sold by HTC as part of the HTC U series. It was announced on 23 May 2018 and succeeds the HTC U11 and HTC U11+ smartphones... view more

Htc Vision
The HTC Desire Z (also marketed as T-Mobile G2 in the US) (codenamed HTC Vision) is a slider-style smartphone developed by HTC Corporation and announced on 15 September 2010; it was released in Europe and Canada in November 2010, following a number of delays related to Google's quality assurance tests. Other than its slider configuration, the Desire Z features specifications similar to the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD. The design of the HTC Desire Z has capacitive face.. view more

Htc Wildfire
The HTC Wildfire (also known as HTC Buzz) is a smartphone developed by the HTC Corporation, that was announced on 17 May 2010 and released in Europe in June of the same year. It is powered by a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor and runs the Android operating system, version 2.2. It includes a TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen and a 5-megapixel camera. It has been described as a "Mini HTC Desire", and is perceived to be a follow-up model to the.. view more

M8 or M-8 or M.08 or variant, may refer to:.. view more

T-mobile G1
The HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1 in the United States and parts of Europe, and as the Era G1 in Poland) is a smartphone developed by HTC. First released in September 2008, the Dream was the first commercially released device to use the Linux-based Android operating system, which was purchased and further developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance to create an open competitor to other major smartphone platforms of the time, such as Symbian, BlackBerry.. view more

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