ModelFolio Chat enables you to keep the conversation with members going, without requiring you to be on the conversation page. So, you can keep chatting whilst you're browsing photos, posting in the forums or even whilst playing A-vs-B!

How do I find chat?

Chat is located at the bottom left corner of your browser window, titled "Messaging". Click the Messaging box, and your contacts will appear.

How do I message a member?

The contact panel is a smaller version of your inbox. To message a member who displays on that panel, just click on them and the chat box will appear.
You can also scroll down and click the "More" link to display more of your inbox.

Will I receive a gazillion "You received a message" emails on chat?

Nope! If you're active, no email will be sent.

Why is a members name in bold?

That means they've sent you a message, and you haven't read it. When you click the message panel reply box, they will "unbold".

Will the chat messages update?

Yep! We check for new messages for each of your open chat panels every few seconds. If theres any new messages, we'll show them :)

How do I disable chat?

Some devices with small screens, such as mobiles, may not support chat very well. For your convenience, there is a "On/Off" link at the footer of every page for Chat. The "On/off" link is device specific, so you can turn chat off on your Mobile but keep it turned on on your computer.

If you'd like to turn it off globally, there is a setting to do so on the "Options" page of Your Control Panel.

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