Your Message Response Rate

TopMembers have the ability to see each members message response rate. The message response rate script looks at how many messages you've received, and whether you've replied to them.

Members with a higher response rate are far more likely to get more messages from other members, as they will be seen as serious members.

"Does this mean I always have to have the last word in a conversation?"
Nope! Its quite simple, the script only takes into account the initial contact between you and a member.

If a member initiates a conversation with you, and you reply to their first message, your response rate rises.
If you do not respond, it lowers.
If you do reply initially, but do not to any of their further messages, your response rate stays the same.
If you do continue replying to their messages, it will remain unaffected.

Free members can find out what their response rate is on their control panel, but cannot see anyone elses.
The response rate on members profiles

The response rate on members hover cards.

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