Dorset, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile.

My name is Sean and I am a professional photographer based in the UK. I undertake a range of different shoots, including glamour, lingerie, topless, artistic nude (closed leg) and magazine nude (open leg). I only do solo female shoots - models posing on their own - I don't do any of the higher adult levels.

I am currently freelance, which means I find a model myself, find a publishing company that is interested in featuring the model, do the shoot and pay the model myself, and then hand the photos over to the company for publication.

Although I have connections with several publishing companies, the best-paying shoot I can offer is for a US client that is leading publisher of "natural nude" models, i.e. models that have natural breasts and who are un-shaved and un-trimmed in the knicker area, including the bikini line if possible. The pay for this particular shoot is £500 if the model chooses the full day's shoot option, and the number of shoots I can offer depends on how well the first shoot goes, and how popular the model is with the customers. For models who are currently shaved or trimmed but who would consider "growing back" for the work, please be aware it can take up to three months to fully grow back if starting from completely shaved.

Previous modelling experience is NOT necessary for any of my shoots. In fact, the majority of models that I work with are brand new models that have never modelled before. This not only helps me bring a fresh look to my work, but the majority of my clients prefer the pretty "girl-next-door" model rather than the stereotypical Jordon type. The main requirements for all my shoots are that the models need to be between 18 and about 45 years old, have a dress size of between 6 and 10 (sometimes 12), and preferably not too many tattoos.

If you are a model, or would-be model, and you think that you might be interested in working with me on one of my shoots, then please let me know!

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