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Aldermaston Soke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Due to medical issues I am no longer doing any new shoots...

Due to other commitments I am now restricting my work to where there is a specific defined project or objective, only rarely would I just do a general shoot with no prior agreement of a shoot plan, but I am more than happy to work with model's in defining an objective, and agreeing a plan. Ideally I am looking for scenarios where I can improve on photographic techniques that I currently use or to develop new techniques, with the model(s) and myself creating a long-term arrangement to help us to improve the standard of our work and the resulting images...

As you can see from my portfolio I am primarily interested in erotic and nude shoots, however if the project or objective is interesting enough I am still happy to discuss and come to an arrangement for a different type of shoot if it fits my criteria. If you believe that there is an opportunity for us both to collaborate and to improve both our styles and techniques, contact me and lets see if we can produce some stunning images.....

Having taken my first nude photograph in the late 60's, I slowly progressed becoming a semi-professional glamour photographer in the mid 70's. I helped run a small photographic studio in North London for a time, and have specialised in photographing the female form virtually ever since. These days I still specialize in the glamour, but with a strong leaning towards the erotic, and would class myself as an amateur/semi professional photographer, fitting in shoots where possible around my everyday job and other commitments.

I am happy to work with female models within a 2 to 3 hour travelling distance of the South East, having said that I do travel, on business, around the country and am always happy to fit a shoot in at the same time. I work with models who are professional but also absolute beginners; having introduced many a novice to the world of glamour over the years - some of the pictures in my portfolio are not of models (amateur or professional), but people I came across in everyday life, or people I knew who approached me to have a 'go' at modelling. I'm happy to work to all styles and levels, but have one very simple golden rule, never to attempt to persuade a model to go higher than she is comfortable with... to do so, as well as being morally wrong, would create bad photographs as the models discomfort will show...

I am happy to hire a studio in the vicinity of the model, use the model's home if suitable, do location (outside) work, or use whatever other locations suit both myself and the model.

I'm happy to develop and shoot scenarios around any ideas, simple or bizarre; but I'm also happy to shoot the natural look, to capture a model being herself with minimal and even no makeup can give amazing results; I also like to capture images that not only display beauty, but being coy, seductive, sexy (subtle or not), and all the other range of emotions and expressions that a female is capable of.

My aim is to get the best out of any model, never to try to persuade her to go out of her comfort zone, but to strive to find what works best with them and produce photographs that they would be proud of. I am a strong believer that the female form is designed to be photographed and captured in all its glory.

If you want to contact me direct my email is [email protected]

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