Our Green Commitment

Proudly Carbon Negative

Trees Planted

Tonnes of Carbon Offset

At ModelFolio, we're committed to utilising renewal energy as much as possible, and offsetting our carbon usage where this isn't possible.

Our systems are all hosted on AWS, who have a 100% renewable energy commitment, and currently building out wind farms world wide. Additionally, the ModelFolio office runs on energy sourced via green suppliers.

In addition to this, each month we will be funding the planting of 60 trees (as a minimum), which removes around 5.83tonnes of C02 every month. As a business, we contribute around 41.76kg of C02 to the environment every month. This means we're offsetting around 143x more C02 than we contribute to the environment, underlying the seriousness with which we take our Green Commitment.

Our contribution will be recalculated quarterly, and we commit that our C02 removal contribution will always be 50x - or more - than our C02 production.

Our Servers

ModelFolio is a part of a group that runs over 5 websites, and our calculations are for our total server usage.

10.5 watts
per core
744 hours
per month
12 cores

93.7 kWH
per month
Monthly CO2 output


Our staff are home-workers, but we have assumed the following

1 laptop/desktop
per person
2 monitors
per person
2 phones
per person

4 teas/coffees
per day per person

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