Chippenham, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I adore photography and I am here to find fellow creatives to work with.

As a professional wedding/portrait photographer, along with with a full-time job outside this industry, my time for photoshoots can be quite limited. But I love the creativity of all this so will always try to fit in a number of photoshoots across the year when I can.

For references please see my profile here:

Photoshoots plans for 2021

My focus for this year is purely on location-based photoshoots. I want to undertake a number of the following styles/themes, in priority order:

  1. Dance/Ballet on location (urban, beach/seaside)
  2. Beach/Seaside - Swimwear, Fashion, Sports/Fitness
  3. Urban - Fashion, Sports/Fitness
  4. Rural - Fashion, Sports/Fitness 
  5. Artistic nude on location (only at suitable locations, only at quiet times of day - so early in the day, probably just after sunrise)

With all my shoots I will be planning on timing them so that we avoid the middle of the day, when the sun is at it's highest in the sky. I prefer shooting in the hours just after sunrise/just before sunset when on location.

Benefits to early in the day is that it is often way quieter, you only really see local dog-walkers about. The downside is that it can be colder. Later in the day is better in that respect, it will be warmer. But places will be busier. And I think that will be a bigger problem this year whilst international travel remains restricted.

TFP, part-pay or fully paid?

I am planning to focus on collaboration/TFP photoshoots as much as possible this year, if you like my work and would like to work with me on this basis please do get in touch. What I provide for TFP photoshoots is detailed below.

I will consider part-pay/part-TFP photoshoots for the right models, perhaps where you cannot consider working full-TFP but would like some images for your portfolio and you would be a good fit for my portfolio. In terms of your rates on this basis - my expectation would be that your part-pay rate would be no more than 50% of your normal rate. I believe that to be the fair approach.

I will also be taking on a few fully paid photoshoots this year, where I will pay the models full rates. These will mainly be for photoshoots that encompass dance/ballet as this is my primary focus for my portfolio. I will probably mix these with some beach/urban fashion/swimwear styles as well.

Dance/Ballet Photoshoot plans

For some of these I plan to take a slightly different approach to these this year. Depending on the location, ease of access for the model etc etc, I will likely be seeking to book models for these for a full day. I won't be expecting the model to work all day on just dance/ballet themes as that would be too much, so these photoshoots will be a mix. For example, if we work at:

  • a beach location - then some beach/seafront ballet with some fashion and swimwear styles mixed in throughout the shoot
  • an urban location - some street ballet, then some fashion styles mixed in throughout the day we head into nicer weather and through summer, I will be aiming to time my photoshoots in the hours after sunrise and the hours before sunset for the best lighting conditions.

Initially it may seem a mad approach, but I will probably suggest to the models I book for these that we split the photoshoot into 2 equal segments across the day. To explain how this would work: The first half of the photoshoot would be for the few hours from sunrise onwards. We then break for a good few hours in the middle of the day before reconvening for the 2nd half of the shoot for the final few hours running up to sunset.

I have started planning one photoshoot on this basis, but I think it only really works if the photoshoot is situated within easy travelling distance of where the model is based, as it would allow you to head home for those hours in the middle of the day. Gives me a chance to take a break and go and be a tourist for a few hours as well. It won't work for everyone, so where the logistics don't work I may just suggest a simple 4 - 6 hour photoshoot either earlier or later in the day.

As I have worked with a few ballet models previously I am aiming to plan these photoshoots with those I have worked with before. But it is always good to meet new models, or models I may have missed, who work within the ballet genre as it is all good for portfolio diversity, so please do feel free to highlight yourself to me by getting in touch.

The weather!

Can make it tricky for long-term planning! I'm hoping that we do at least get some sustained periods of warm, sunny weather at different points from now till the end of summer. But one thing the UK weather does well is being unpredictable!

This means that whilst I may get in touch to start planning a photoshoot now, I would prefer to not make a booking too far ahead, and aim to book at relatively short-notice. If we do book in far ahead then it will need to be on the basis that we reschedule if the weather is looking poor.

I appreciate that booking short-notice means risking a model not being available at such short-notice, which is fair enough, but I think that's the right approach for this.

Thanks for reading.


What I provide for my TFP & part-pay/TFP Shoots:

I'm very flexible when it comes to the images I provide for my TFP photoshoots (and part-pay where appropriate):

  • I don't pick the images for you - unless you want me to: You have free reign to pick the images you like and want me to edit, from all the useable images we capture on our shoot. I provide the unedited previews in a shared folder in cloud storage for you to look through, usually within 1-2 days after the shoot.
    • Unedited previews should not be shared anywhere as they are completely unedited from the RAW file and will not be representative of my final work. I am happy with back of camera shots being used on social media though.
  • For TFP shoots I suggest picking around 2-4 images per set as a good number to work to. If, for example, we manage to complete 5 sets in our photoshoot, you can pick a total of 10-20 images for me to edit.
  • For part-pay/part-TFP I essentially suggest half this number.
  • I enjoy editing, so I will say that I am flexible on image numbers, so please don't think the numbers above are set in stone.
  • Final edited images are usually provided, in a number of sizes (full-res, PP size, Insta/Social Media/Web size), no later than 3-4 weeks after you have picked out your favourites - usually I get them finished earlier than this, but I provide the individual final edits as I finish them, so you will be receiving the final edits throughout this period until I finish them all.
  • I always pick out images that I like and edit these as well - I always provide these to the model as well to use if they wish. The only caveat here is that I usually only get round to editing these weeks or months later (depending on my workloads at the time) - my priority is always to edit the images that the model picks first.
  • Long story short - you'll get plenty of edited images to use as you see fit for your portfolio.

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