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Primrose Hill, Greater London, United Kingdom

Hey, I'm Vince Lynch, I'm a Hypnotist. Since I was very young it has always been my dream that hypnosis was presented as more than just a party trick, better than just helping people with depression or anxiety, more akin to a superpower.

In 2003 me and my friends worked to produce a series of Hypnosis Training courses targetted at teaching a new type of hypnosis that we dubbed 'Street Hypnosis'

Which would only be about, making people do things they wouldn't usually do order ordinary circumstances, partially for personal gain of the hypnotist, and partially to demonstrate the awesome power of hypnosis as a kind of Pseudo-Jedi-Skill.

Zero sleep, zero eyes closed, no long boring patter, just quick and straight to the point. How to make anybody do exactly what you want, rapid.

Our hypnosis training courses that we taught, became fantastically successful, unfortunately I was not the business owner, and the companies I worked for grew, and although many of my ideas were used in the new branding and style of hypnosis presented on TV/etc. today, unfortunately I wasn't.

Enough of the sob story, It's 2014, I have taught over 10,000 magicians around the world hypnosis on how to use it for stage and performance, most people have DVD products which sell to magicians about how to do various magic tricks, magicians buy these (say 2,000 copies a year) and the DVD prices are usually like (£80)

My dream, has always been instead of making a 'how to hypnotize' DVD. instead I don't believe in teaching, I believe in leading by example, that once you show something WHATS POSSIBLE.... they'll find a way to do the rest.

At times in my life I have had plenty of money saved up to film this project, but, I'm disorganised, I know nothing about film, television or anything, I have had small opportunities to work with various TV companies, have had film crews follow me around, but I have no footage to show for it.

I would like someone to work with me, to work out plots, scripts, scenes, ideas, to brainstorm content, and then to help me produce that content. I'm pretty good at making money, but at the minute I can only afford about £400+ a month for this kind of project,... I promise you this is my dream (for nearly everyday of my adult life) and I'll work to accommodate your pay.

I know nothing about film, nothing, I am so psychologically, invested in this project and have been for such a long time, that it paralyses me, I need someone else to takeover and help me make it happen as I cannot organise it myself.

Kind regards

Vince Lynch
[email protected]
Highgate, London.
Videos on Youtube. 'Street Hypnosis' 'vince Lynch'
Ready for meetings anytime, anyplace.
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