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I really enjoy working with models such as Athena Marie, because she doesn't mind If I experiment a little. In this shot she is holding a pair of super-bright LED rechargeable key ring torches. Meantime I have my first ever Cokin filter bolted to the front of my little GX7 camera.

To make the rainbow pattern appear in exactly the right place requires considerable precision from the model. And shooting at such slow shutter requires the camera to be kept quite still too.

Granted, the Cokin Galaxy filter is something of a 1970's relic - and considered quite unfashionable these days. But I still enjoy using my Cokin kit. Using Cokins today seems even more fun that it was back in the 1980's when I bought my first Cokins.

Modern mirrorless camera make the effects so much more immediate and controllable. In the old days one could (and I did) waste an awful lot of film messing with Cokins. So using Cokins with a modern digital MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera) seems particularly cool. But then, I'm the sort of chap who still thinks digital watches are cool.

Nevertheless, I always felt there's something particularly appealing about a pretty girl surrounded by lots and lots of colours. I hope you do too...

A pretty girl and lots of colours...

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