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Brisbane, BRIS CITY CNTRY, Australia

Hi Everyone.

I'm a web developer looking for several models to help me with some amateur style photos that will be used to promote some websites and products

Photos are totally anonymous and non-nude but I will be looking for one model willing to do more involved fetish style photos at some point in the future. Usually photos will be theme based such as stockings, heels, feet. They will be totally anonymous. Your face or identifying features such as tattoos, piercings will covered or never be in the shot. I'm suggesting use of a mask but you may have other suggestions that will suit you and your privacy better.

As the pics are meant to be made by amateurs, the quality can be somewhere between low quality(using a phone) and medium quality(using a professional camera setup). Photos would be similar to those in my gallery(except no face in shot). It would be great to work up to some partially nude(eg breasts) or very erotic poses in lingerie with one model, but not essential in the short term.

Fetish Shoot details:
I would like to to find one model who is able to to do a few hours in a fetish shoot. Again, it would be an anonymous shoot. Im happy to discuss the details privately. The nudity level for the model would be topless at most.

I think you'll find me easy to get along with and to work with. I'm polite, respectful and not demanding. The working relationship would ideally be relaxed friendly and and fun. Always good to have a laugh I feel, but you'll find my behaviour professional.

I'm willing to travel for the right model.

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