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The sport of carp fishing is a multi billion pound industry currently served by a large number of publications but they all follow the same format and they are stale and to be honest boring. So we have decided to try and freshen things up a bit! Well a lot actually!

Inspired by legendary golfing magazine, Golf Punk Magazine, we are going to launch a new exciting online digital Carp fishing magazine called (no surprises) Carp Punk Magazine.

Our readership will be male dominated so one of the key features of our magazine (like Golf Punk) will be the prominence of our ??Bank Babes?? feature. So we are looking for the hottest new West Country based talent who would like to be given the opportunity to work with our top female photographer either in her studio in Yeovil, Somerset or at various outdoor locations.

We are looking for female models with any experience prepared to do professional glamour, we do want sexy but not pornographic, so think underwear and bikini.

We are also looking for our featured models to also do some further promotional work at events and competitions across Europe, where we will be looking to take our Bank Babes on Tour. Basically we want to form lasting relationships with our models that will lead to regular opportunities to work together.

We are prepared to pay the appropriate rates and expenses for the right models and are happy to negotiate a rate that works for all parties. We would also welcome any models that are looking maybe to start out and gain exposure in their career by offsetting their remuneration for images they can then use in their portfolio. We are really friendly and flexible so talk to us.
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