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Posted on Sunday 24th of September 2023
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Beauty is an ever-present concept that we encounter in all facets of life. It permeates our thoughts, emotions, and our perception of the world that surrounds us. However, beauty is not a simple concept; it possesses myriad aspects and a profound depth that we can explore.

External beauty, characterized by shapes, colors, and symmetry, often represents ideals and harmony. It catches our attention and elicits aesthetic pleasure. Nonetheless, external beauty is merely a superficial manifestation, while authentic beauty reveals itself at a deeper level.

Beauty transcends the physical realm and extends into the realm of ideas and thoughts. Philosophers and poets alike have delved into the concept of beauty, viewing it in the context of the ideal and the perfect. They argue that beauty encompasses more than just a pleasant visual impression. It carries symbolic significance and reflects underlying concepts such as truth, goodness, and justice.

Furthermore, beauty is intimately connected to our emotional experiences. We may discern beauty in music, art, nature, or even our interactions with others. It stirs emotions, instills delight, and provides inspiration. Beauty possesses the incredible power to touch our hearts and awaken our souls.

Yet, beauty is far from an objective concept. It is subjective, dependent on the unique perception of each individual. Each of us interprets beauty in our own way, and this individuality magnifies its allure and grandeur. Beauty resides in the eye of the beholder, with everyone finding it in diverse forms and manifestations.

Thus, when contemplating beauty, we come to the realisation that it extends far beyond mere outward appearances.

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