Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Important notice: Under the Equality Act 2010, as a deaf person, I have my rights to pick up a camera and take photos, either as a job in the photography and/or graphic design industry, or as freelance. I accept that there's nothing I can do if you decided not to work with me, but please be sure that it is for other reasons, not because you're unsure of how to work with me on grounds of my being deaf with speech impaired.

Of course, it could be possible that you can claim unjustified reasons (ie: saying you're unavailable) when in reality, you feel put off with the communications difficulties. But you should understand that in your world of business as a model, if I booked someone else, it is called  " Your loss, their gain. "

I have booked 5 different models in the past, and we all got on well. In fact, many of them remarked that it was fun or a pleasure to work with me. Few of them have left positive references on my profile.

All I ask is that you think of your business needs, and think of it as a challenge to overcome rather than a communications problem.

Notice: I only book models if and when my projects request models, as I do other general purpose photography and also graphic design projects too. When a project that request a model comes up, I will be looking for  models that fits with the creative idea of my projects. Please do not send me a direct message asking if I would be interested in booking you. Chances are either it's bad timing (ie: I'm doing a landscape photo-shoot, and have no need for a model) or you've got the wrong looks (ie: I need a model with short black bob hairstyle for a 1920s look, and you've got a long blonde hairstyle suited for a 1950s look).

If you ignore my notice and send direct message, be advised that I may either bookmark you for the future or may report you for being pushy (ie: telling me your rates, despite the fact that I told you I'm not currently booking any models).

If you are looking for a photographer, please feel free in trying to ask me, maybe you may be lucky enough to catch me at a right time (ie: in between projects), but please be advised that it is normally the other way round. That is, I am looking for models, not offering services as photographer.

Many thanks for your time reading my profile.

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