Evesham, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
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Important notice: It is a breach of The Equality Act 2010  if you chose to discrimination against me because of my being deaf with speech impaired.

But if you want to be a model, you should see this as a challenge to overcome, rather than a barrier to modelling.

You adapt, you overcome, you improvise.” A quote used by a character played by Clint Eastwood in one of his movies.

I had booked 5 different models in the past. Despite the communications difficulties, we had got on well and worked together well. As a matter of a fact, they remarked that it was a pleasure and fun to work with me. They even left positive references on my profiles (here and on another similar website).

As you can see from the two examples of my work. The two different models I booked, they were able to understand my directions and posed in a way that is what I’m looking for. The result is I got the kind of photos needed for my graphic design projects.

Note that I book models only when my projects request models.

I often do other projects, including general photography that don’t involves models. And I also do graphic design work when not doing photography.

For this reason, please do not message me with offers or asking if I would be interested in booking you.

Also, I do not offer services as a photographer, therefore I am not available for booking.

Notice: I uploaded only a few examples of my photos to this website, in order to comply with the website’s rules.

But I do not upload new or extra photos as I see this website as a booking services, not an image hosting website. For this reason, please do not follow me because you won’t get to see new photos.

Examples of my works: Two images had been uploaded to my profile, showing an example of what I do with my photographs. They show samples from the photo-shoots, my design in Adobe InDesign software, and the outcome of my project. Those two were uploaded to my profile to show the models, that despite my being deaf with communications difficulties, the models and I did work well together.

I prefer to use my own photos for my own graphic design projects, rather than use stock images. Sometimes my photos can be used as standalone photos.

Many thanks for your time reading my profile.

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