Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


I'm here to make classy, erotic, sensual art: expressive - emotive - sexy - stylish - edgy - provocative...

My current focus is to create dynamic, sensual, erotic and artistic images, integrating my own variations of rope ties loosely based on traditional Japanese Shibari.

I want to know what you want to create - show me and tell me what inspires you. Allow yourself to truly explore what you most want to express fully as art... let's see what we can create for your portfolio.

What I also find beautiful with rope work are the temporary marks left on the skin.


- 25 years in media production: music industry, live events, audio / video, online media, mobile websites, online galleries.

Why is this relevant? Thousands of hours working with creatives, artists & professional speakers in both relaxed and pressured environments teaches you a few things about how to work together and get the best out of someone.

- 10+ yrs in martial arts & dance: Why is this relevant? Experience in dynamic body movement and spontaneous expression gives me more insight into the models perspective and doing what it takes to get the best shot.

- 10+ yrs in relationship studies and coaching practice: Why is this relevant? A deep understanding of relationship, intimacy and sexual dynamics, authentic expression, what sometimes gets in the way and how to let go & express fully. Helps me understand what is going on for the model and also helps her express in new and varied ways.


Ready to add some creative bondage shots to your portfolio? Click the 'Message' button above.

Or you may be secretly curious... interested... really want to... but not quite comfortable.... Something is in the way?

In my experience in working on sex & intimacy with many men and women over the years, many people find it difficult to 'cross the line' - wanting to explore and express the 'darker' side but not feeling comfortable or confident. If this is you, let's talk in total confidence.

No hard sell, no pressure. It's something I work with alot.


Megz2411 said...
Had a great day on Sunday shooting with Mo and Paul. It was my first time being tied up and Mo was very patient. He asked me all the way through if I was ok. He was a true gent. He has a lot of great ideas and I enjoyed chatting with him. He made me feel relaxed and at ease. The images he took are brilliant. Would recommend working with him Smile

PHPhotography said...
Had a great shoot with Mo who did the ropework on a Betty Page/Dita Von Tease style shoot with Megz2411. He is very knowledgeable and creative with his ropework, very professional ensuring that our model was completely comfortable at all times, explaining exactly what he was going to do before starting and respectful of agreed levels. Highly recommended and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Joflakes said...
I worked with Mo yesterday where he did the rope tying for the shoot. Such a great guy, both as a person and in his work. Mo is very courteous and respectful of the agreed limits, all whilst making awesome shapes and ties with his rope work. He helped me out with my posing during shots as well - invaluable! Mo photographed me in between shots as well, which was a nice addition to the main photographer - the shots on the back of his camera looked great! I wouldn't hesitate to work with Mo again.

SimonsPhotography said...

What a great guy, he made the model very comfortable and worked always within set boundaries

I look forward to working together with Mo in the future and exploring the professionalism that he brings to the rope art.

Jeyda Miller said...
i highly recomend mo, very creative and made me feel so comfertable. i admire his enthusiasm and pride of work.

would love to work with him again and i am very happy with the results Smile

was a pleasure to work with you and meet you x

Arizona Sky said...
Mo asked me to stand in for another model who couldn't make the shoot which was to take place the very next day and I'm glad I accepted because he was a joy to work with. Unfortunately, I was unexpectedly delayed on my way to the shoot but Mo was so understanding and patient about it and when I finally arrived, we had a great shoot.

This happened to be a rope bondage shoot but I knew I could trust Mo implicitly with his knowledge and expertise regarding most kinds of rope work. He's also friendly, polite, easy going and considerate of my comfort when tied up! He was also very receptive to my own ideas and input during the shoot which was great. We worked together with Phil Spencer who did the photography and as a team, we managed to achieve some really good images. Highly recommended for any rope bondage shoot!

Phil Spencer said...
Had a good shoot with Mo. He really helped get the best out of the model, and obviously knew his rope work. We had an extended shoot, due to unforeseen delays, and afterwards chilled at mine having a beer.

Recommend him for any rope work.

Elena Irais said...
Mo is very creative with his rope and photography. Professional, respectful and very friendly. Highly recommended for more!

Horace Silver said...
I had the chance to work with ArtOfSexpression only one time, for a short shoot where he acted as rigger and not as photographer. None of us had much time, and that's my only regret : it was too short!

ArtOfSexpression has a great sennsibility in the art of Bondage/Shibari and he is able to magnify the beauty of the model's body with his ropes. The way he organises the ropes is in itself a piece of art. He masters the technical skills needed for bondage and listens to the model's feelings during the bondage, always attentive to his/her safety and comfort.

You can rely on him. Hope to work with him again soon!

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