Woolston, Cheshire, United Kingdom
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Female Shibari Rope Bondage Rigger, looking to collaborate with Models, MUA & Photographers for erotic art bondage shoots...boudoir, moody art, abandoned buildings, to showcase my rope work and create fabulous images. I have a home studio for BDSM, Shibari, where erotic images can be captured.

I do not suspend Models, I specialise in decorative, intricate body art ties and pretty knots, ground ties......and a few restraints. I tie traditional Japanese bondage styles, two knotty boys and some fusion, i also freestyle.

Togs that do home shoots are of interest to me, also local studio owners.

Facebook, Purple Port and Instagram are Sensual Shibari..........My Fetlife Page is also Bondagespace, plenty of images and info of what im upto on there, 300+ images on Fetlife, Ive been on there donkeys years, quite a few styles and early work there.

My Fees

£75 for half a day decorative Body Shibari / Kinbaku, £150 for full day (negotiable)

Contribution to travel expenses is appreciated !

If intimate areas are to be tied, I will charge for replacements, and leave you the ropes used.

If you're a tog doing own shibari shoot and need assistance, im happy to attend and offer instruction/guidance, fees are the same.

I have a wide range of coloured ropes, JBO free Jute, synthetic hemp, cotton, nylon and silk, and can incorporate silk cords or flowers to enhance attractiveness off designs.

Ive been playing with rope for over 10 years on and off and always had a keen interest in Fetish art, pretty pictures and pretty knots, if there is a particular style you are hoping to capture, please communicate, send me images etc and I can work on perfecting /customising that style for your needs beforehand.

Requirements for tying Models / Rope Bunnys

I need to know the physical & mental health history of whom I tie, ie, any implants, piercings, broken bones in the past, any surgery in last year, any existing nerve damage, diabetes, asthma..anything however small gives me better chance of ensuring safe ties.

Models need to be 18 years of age at least

Dress Size

I need models to communicate with me during tie, to let me know how the ropes feel, if its too tight, uncomfortable, troublesome, cumbersome, to let me know if any pins or needles, limpness of limbs.

Need to know what outfits Models / Rope Bunnys will wear for shoots, so I can select ropes that will compliment the look.

Looking for classy, elegant shots, rope over corsets, fetishwear, stockings, heels, burlesque, am open to suggestions and look forward to discussing opportunity's ! Like working with MUA and clear plans, communications before shoot, to ensure we get the best images.

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