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Little Eaton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


I'm a 31 year old chick from San Francisco. Yes, I still have my accent and yes I'm really 31. I am a lover of music, tattoos, and body modification.
I have done shoots all over the UK. These shoots have been studio, home, and on location ranging from glamour, fashion, topless, alternative, topless, nude, and adult levels. As well as solo shoots, I have done shoots with a male model and a group shoot as well. Since my start in all this a few years back, I have met and worked with a lot of amazing people and would love to continue meeting tons more.

Work Ethic:

I am 100% honest and genuine and expect the same of who I shoot with

I have good communication with photographers before, during, and after the shoot
I show up on time to shoots and fully prepared
I take direction well
I am open minded and teachable when it comes to shoot ideas
I like to do a mixture of both my ideas and the photographer's
It's important for us to be kind to each other because we are really in this together

Why book me:

I'm a genuine and honest model who always turns up
I work hard to get the best images
I'm funny and easy to get along with
I'm a good cook and sometimes bring treats to shoots
I can breath fire...yes, like a dragon
I look damn good naked. Sorry, but someone had to say it ;)
Shall I go on? Didn't think so...

Who I work with and who I won't:

I only work with photographers with references. I will work with most people who have a nice portfolio of images. I look for editing techniques, composition, and if it's publication worthy. People who try and level push or haggle with my rates, I won't work with either. It's insulting when people do the whole "well a lot of models will do nude for free" thing. I don't work above lingerie TFP, unless I am looking to shoot something very specific. I rarely do TF anymore and occasionally will do part paid but if I am, I will contact you so please don't ask for TF.


I've had too many no shows to let this slide as this is my only source of income at the moment to pay rent and bills. I require 100% of my fee for all bookings cancelled within a week  the booked shoot and 50% of my fee for bookings cancelled within 2 weeks of the booked shoot.  This is to cover costs as it is nearly impossible to get the slot filled with such short notice.It's a r eal shame to have to add in this blurb, but I just can't afford not to. If you have booked me while touring, I require 50% of my fee for all bookings cancelled within 2 weeks 
of our booked shoot and 100% of my fee if you cancel within 1 week of our shoot. If I am touring, I do not have time to re-fill slots and it adds too much stress to my already busy schedule. 


I have plenty of clothing ranging from smart/casual to sexy. I have two boxes of lingerie items, pvc, latex, corsets, tights, fishnets, stockings, and hold ups. I also have a nurse,nun, and sexy sailor outfit. I have a few long colored wigs as well. Shoes? I have tons. A lot of high heels and a few pairs of doc martins as well as casual flats/converse.

Studios: There are a number of fabulous studios in Nottingham and Derbyshire including Brightlights, Abbey Street, Bodyline, The Mansion Studio, Studio Antics and The Pit Studio.

Travel: I am more than willing to travel if it is compensated. If it is more than 30 min travel, I ask a minimum of 2 hours booking. Long journeys (Farther than London or Yorkshire) will require a half or full day booking.

Deposits: IF YOU HAVE NO FEEDBACK, THEN I WILL REQUIRE 50% OF THE AGREED RATE TO ENSURE YOU WILL TURN UP AS ARRANGED AND TO MAKE SURE I GET SOMETHING FOR MY TIME IF YOU DONT. Please note that deposits are non refundable if you cancel the shoot for any reason. What if I cancel? I have never cancelled a shoot and I've been modeling nearly 6 years.

Fetish/BDSM: I do work to this level. I ask two things: No marks to be left on me and that safe words are used at all times. I have bondage/BDSM gear and outfits we can use for the shoot as well as latex and pvc.


***HALF DAY***

up to Art Nude 4 hours £135

***FULL DAY***

up to Art Nude 6-8 hours £250

£25ph fashion

£35ph topless

£45ph art nude

Adult Levels:

£70ph open leg or 2hrs for £125

£150 up to 2 hours SOLO/Inserts



"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."
-Cesar A. Cruz

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