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Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Promoter / Singer / Songwriter / Possible Model (but we will see what feedback i get in that respect) newly into Photography
Worked both sides of the lense and am currently working on promotions for bands, musicians whilst also trying to build my portfolio / experience in photography. Ive done shoots of Nature, Scenery, Architecture and am now hoping to photograph people.

Looking for any models / Photographers / people with ideas, that want their work out there for all to see, on band merchandise, T shirts, Posters etc

Also looking for models for possible shoots with me (im new at photography but you only gain experience if you practice)

Other than that what else is there to say??
Im passionate about the music i create and perform, about the bands i am in and promote etc
And believe in the philosophy If you dont ask you dont get

Be great to get some feed back on my pics (thats me singing etc) and be great to hear from anyone with ideas etc

Steve B

Feel free to email me at Rockerman1 at
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