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Southend, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom - 3563 mi away
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Posted on Monday 17th of July 2023
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Working with new and old Togs is alot of fun for me. I'm creative and so happy to experience and try new ideas. My level is lingerie I love art and creating new scenes and images that have not been yet created , as well as the normal shoots that work well for the public and the photographer,  location shoots I live but I also love to have fun in studios. My working relationship to date with my photographers has been amazing , I am very lucky to have come back to the industry and had the best shoots and the most fun   laughter is a must , as well as taking my job serious. I'm very professional and have chaperones who come and help me alot. I do my own makeup which Is an added bonus,  as I am always ready as soon as I step in front of the camera , I'm fun quirky and fierce when need to be with expression . Please message if you want to book me for a shoot I'm an Essex based model my rates are very reasonable. If in studio if my own studio I go to my rates are all in the hiring of studio and my time per hour. Cannot wait to see who I can work with next , I have been very lucky to be ambassador to alot of different clothing brands already , and ready to offer so much 

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