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Posted on Tuesday 14th of April 2020
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So, i've been doing some analysis and it didn't surprise me that the inbox is the third most popular page on MCM, but what did surprise me was that the sentbox is the 7th. And so, today we're rolling out the Unified Inbox

The Unified Inbox merges your inbox and sentbox together, creating a one-stop shop for all of your messaging on MCM

How does it work?

Messages you receive will still appear bolded in grey, like this, so no change there

Messages you send will appear with a purple dot, indicating its not been read by the recipient yet:

And when they've read it, the purple dot is replaced by a small version of their profile profile:

When you next visit your messaging, we will take you through a quick tour showing you whats changed in a bit more detail. And, if you decide that the unified inbox isn't for you, you can switch back to the old one at any time by clicking "Swap to Old Inbox"


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