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Kingston upon Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
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The studio is in a detached building located on Chanterlands Avenue HU5 3TL, an easilly accessible retail street just outside the city centre, but within a residential area. There is free on-street parking. Please be aware that the studios are within a single brick building. Loud noises can easilly be heard outside the walls. The studio can be used for video production, but is not ideal for mainstream adult video. For fetish productions, if the sub is likely to whimper, gags are available.


The ground floor houses the glamour studio with a black painted floor and predominantly white painted walls including a large brick wall (great as a stand alone backdrop) and white ceiling, great for bouncing lights around.
The dressing table is the only fixed set, not easily moved. Images show the set dressed up and down. Used with the mini chaise, it provides a basic black and white minimalistic set great for portrait and more natural shots. Used with the red chair and table top dressings, it creates a more glamourous set great for a realistic bedroom feel.

Moveable Sets:
The cast iron day bed sits against the brick wall, but can be moved for use of the wall alone. Dressed in bright linins great for glamour and adult shoots. The bedding can be changed for different looks. Backdrops can also hang behind on the stands.
The mini chaise sits against its own feature wall, but can be used elsewhere to suit.
There is a bamboo screen which makes a great background for the weights and workout bench. Great for fitness shoots or a twist on glamour/adult. The red bucket chair also looks great in front of the screen.
The full length oval mirror can be used alone or as a feature in any of the other sets.

The stair case is undergoing decoration to be used as a set.

The first floor houses the dungeon. Mainly black walls and a black ceiling with black wooden and pvc covered floors. The dark background is great for moody alternative and fetish shoots.
The main wall is a painted black brick wall. 4 heavy duty metal hoops along the top and 2 to the bottom with a chain running between them great for attaching restraints.
The second wall is covered in a black lace wallpaper, very gothic looking.
There is an alcove covered in red brick wallpaper with candle sconces and a black wooden floor.
The remainder of the floor is covered in black PVC sheeting. Great for messy shoots including WAM/splosh, W/S and wax.
There are ropes attached to pullies than span across the dungeon. Great for securing a subject in a manor where they can be moved around.

Moveable Sets:
A red PVC sofabed futon. Easilly put up and down in a second. Great against the brick wall for a colourful set or could be moved against one of the black walls and dressed to taste.
A hot pink dog cage, complete with a pink blanket, pink collar & cuffs and a chrome dog bowl.
A wooden St Andrews Cross with red padded PVC back support and black waist belt. Restraint loops attached each 4 points with ropes attached to the top ones.
2 screw adjustable height wooden stools. Great for CP.

There is a small office area that can be used as a set, drinks facilities and a lavatory. Currently there is no hot water supply. There is a cold running tap in the lavatory and a kettle should hot water be a neccessity.
There is a private yard with seating that can be used a smoking area or for fashion shoots.
The changing room has a full length mirror, coat hooks and a large shelf for arranging items.
A large chrome silver floor fan, great for effect in fashion and glamour shoots.
Moveable backdrop stand extendable to 300cm in width and 270cm in height. Numerous materials to use as backdrops.

Exclusive access to both the Glamour studio and the Dungeon applies within the standard fees below.
1hr: £20 - 2hr: £40
3hr: £55 - 4hr: £70
5hr: £80 - 6hr: £90
7hr: £95 - 8hr: £100

We have contacts with many local models, video/photographers, etc...
Hourly Hire Rate
1 Hour: £25 £20/hr thereafter Half Day (4hr): £75 £15/hr the
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