St Lawrence, Essex, United Kingdom

Thank you for taking the time looking at my profile, I am a self taught semi professional photographer based out of Essex.

I have always had an interest in the creative/artistic side of photography, having had a camera of some sort or another for as long as I can remember.

My other passion is food, I am a classically trained chef, an industry that is very time consuming, thankfully about three years ago, I reached a point in my cheffing career, that has allowed me more free time to develop my photography skills.

Having worked hard on my camera skills over the last three years, I feel that I have reached a point where I can start to take on more professional photographic jobs.

I am always wanting to improve and develop my photography and have so far worked with several make-up and Hair technicians and also taken on several paid weddings and baby shoots.

In order to continually move forward I need to start to diversify my portfolio, I want to shoot real people, people with true character, I strongly believe that it is better to shoot beautiful people, rather than those that are merely beautiful.

My photographic style is varied, I look at people and places and feel inspired to create, one of my biggest strengths but also my greatest character flaw, is that I am a perfectionist (yes that old chestnut), if we work together I will be looking to capture a perfect moment, I want to capture the shot in camera rather than having to rely to heavily on Photoshop.

Whilst I am very much proficient in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I am not a great fan of some other photographers heavily shopped images (it is a personal preference and I do not judge others who choose that style of editing).

So what am I looking for? What do I want from Madcowt?

I am looking for models, make up artists, hairstylists, costume designers and other photographers to work with on a collaborative basis.

I have great love for the outdoors and nature, I find the ever changing lighting and scenery so magical and whenever possible I love to use it as a backdrop using creative lighting control to create art, however I am equally at home working with constant lighting in the studio or boudoir should you require it.

As mentioned above I have previously worked with Hair and Make-Up technicians, who I am happy to work with again and also recommend should you require them for a shoot.

The big question that I seem to get asked more than any other on here, is “do I do work on a TF basis? so I will get it out of the way here to save you having to ask.

Yes I am happy to do work on a TF basis, as long as it is mutually beneficial and is something that interests me.

Please feel free to send me questions or ideas that you have for shoots etc, never be afraid to ask, if it is something that I feel could work for me, we can engage in further discussion and planning to hopefully create something amazing.

Something I would ask in return for TF work is that I retain the right to use images created for my personal portfolio and in return I will provide you with High definition digital copies of any final edited images.
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