Barnstaple, Devon, United Kingdom

I am a retoucher, tutor and photographer. I run Station House Studios where we regularly carry out workshops for photographers. I also retouch images for photographers which is the primary aim of this profile, although there is not a retoucher's option for a profile so I have added my studio.

The studio can be found by googling Station House Studios Barnstaple or by following this link

Details for those looking for a retoucher:

I offer basic, intermediate, complex and creative levels of retouching for all types of imagery starting from £6 per image.

To non-photographers, you MUST have copyright permissions for me to edit your images

I get a lot of requests from models who will need to make sure they have permission from their photographer before sending me an image to retouch. Please note that if you are a model requesting a retouch you will need to give me the original file or a large enough file to work with, at least 1.5mb in size. You can usually get these from your photographer and if they have given you their permission the original file should not be too hard to get hold of. I am a patient lady, if it takes a few days for you to get the file to me from our original conversation then that is fine.

All images submitted for editing must be the original file size of at least 1.5MB otherwise there are not enough pixels for me to work with effectively

A basic edit is £6 and covers the large majority of jobs I take on. The basics are shown in the list below:

Skin retouching including blemish removal

Black and white, sepia and colour toning

Sharpening and defining

Removing small distractions and unwanted objects


Colour Boosting

Colour Correction

Hair Tidying

Lighting corrections

Contrast and Brightness

Other services I offer include;

Composites, Collages, Large object removal, liquifying, Creative editing and much more.

PM me for details or to ask a question.

How it works

Let me know what you want me to do to your images and how many you have, I will get back to you with pricing and when I can get started on your images. The conversation we have before I start editing is your initial brief so please cover all aspects that you require before I start working on your photos. Extra image edits will be charged with the exception of small tweaks if necessary.

You can either email the files to me or we can use dropbox if you have an account.

Once edited you will receive the image proofs. If you are happy I will give you my payment details, once payment is received I will email you the full size and web sized edits ready to upload to Purpleport and your other social media accounts. If you are unsure about an image edit and want me to tweak the image for you, you can request two tweaks to the original editing brief. NO multiple edits in different styles of one image, unless you are willing to pay for the extra edits.

Payment is through Paypal, instant bank transfer or you can pay by card through my website.

About Me

My work has been published online and in print for a number of companies, including Petroc (North Devon and East Devon Colleges) Total Off Road Magazine and Nebula Magazine and I also regularly contribute to Getty Images.

I attended The Arts University College at Bournemouth where I gained a Certificate in Higher Education in Commercial Photography and I have also gained a Triple Distinction in a BTEC National Diploma in Photography equivalent to 3 A Levels at college. I am mostly self taught but have attended a 10 week Photoshop class to improve my technique and understanding.

I use a tablet and Photoshop to retouch your images and currently have a quick around time.

I look forward to working with you an if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my notes.
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