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Uppsala, Uppsala County, Sweden

I am a young photographer working all over Europe. I specialize in nude and erotic photography. I am always looking for young and new talent!

I will put some photos here, but for the discretion of my models I rather send you relevant samples directly on request.

The long introduction...

About me

Ok, now that we've established that, I can write a very long and extremely interesting story about myself. :) 

I'm a young photographer, just in my 30s, and I specialize in nude and erotic modeling. I'm also doing some model scouting. I have experience with this kind of photography for more than half of my life. I started quite early, but I love it. :)  

I am based in The Netherlands and Sweden, but I travel all over Europe (or at least, I will continue doing so when the situation allows), and I usually find a location near you. You don't have to travel, unless there's a requirement for a specific location. In that case, you may have to travel but all your costs will be reimbursed or paid for you. 

Working with me

I am open to any kind of model for any kind of work, as long as it's not extreme. I can offer shoots that are just for fun, for private customers and sometimes for publication/content creation. The latter two are paid, of course. How much you get depends on how much you do and a few other things. A fourth option is to create commercial value for your OnlyFans or Patreon.

I usually want to start with a shoot for fun. It should be a fun shoot, and if you're a new model (or new to nudity or 'higher levels') then it will also be an opportunity to just try a few things. Discretion and professionalism guaranteed. Nothing is shared on my side without your explicit permission, not even for portfolio usage. 

If we make an agreement for working for private customers or for content production/publication, then you will of course get paid. How much depends on a few things. The more you do, the more you get and the more assignments you may get. A few things may be out of your control, for example your looks if there's specific requirements for that. 

Photos for private customers are visibly and invisibly protected against sharing and copyright infringement. Photos for production will have specific contractual destinations. 

A fourth option is to make content for you for commercial purposes like OnyFans or Patreon. If you want content there, then we can definitely make all kinds of shoots according to your wishes, but it'd be appreciated if we can share a bit of the profit. 

Payment, TFP and sharing photos

If we decide to have a photo shoot 'just for fun' then we usually keep our wallets closed. You will get a copy of the best photos, how many is something we agree on. These photos will be shared with you within a week after the photo shoot. They will be raw, unedited material. You can use them as you like, for portfolios, social networks, to get a print and hang on the wall, whatever you wish. The only thing I ask is to contact me before you use them for commercial purposes, like OnlyFans or Patreon or so. 

When and where and how long

If you like to hold a shoot, then just contact me. I will let you know when I'll be near you and if nothing's planned yet, then we can set up a meeting or two. 

A photo shoot with me, especially a first shoot, takes about 2 hours. If more time is required, then we agree before the shoot, just so we won't be surprised. 

Questions, suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, then please just contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible! 

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