Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Firstly, its probably best that you know in advance you will have fun in one of my shoots.
Thats the important stuff out of the way:- so if you are interested in a well paid, relaxed shoot then read on :)

My work consists of primarily video, but also photo for an ongoing project which pinpoints a specific theme - inflatable pooltoys.

There are no scripts in my work, just the model playing with inflatable toys. Sound easy? - it is.

I will not be shooting nude, topless, implied or anything that couldnt be shown on daytime TV or to your parents. I can shoot at the models home or in a studio.

I have a relaxed and laid back approach to my shoots and hold in very high priority the models comfort and enjoyment of the shoot.

As my shoots will sound far too fun & enjoyable for anyone reading this for the first time - I have written a small FAQ which I hope will answer some questions before you ask them. In saying that though, anything you do want to ask - do not hesitate to contact me.


The Shoot:-
Most of the shoot will be video. Regular shots will also be taken and supplied to the model FOC (if required) for portfolio purposes as most of the props I use make eye-catching backgrounds and vibrant foregrounds.
A shoot is usually 4 hours & with approx. 2 hours used actually shooting. The rest of the time is setting up scenes, nattering and eating biscuits. :) A shoot can take place in a studio or the models home.
As one of the methods to pop the inflatable props is with a cigarette it is prefered that the model is a genuine smoker although some work is available for non-smoking models.
Chaperones are of course welcome providing they do not distract the model during recording.

So Is This Adult Material?
The short answer is no. It is material that could be loosely be classed as fetish, but as that word sometimes can portray misguided images of whips and chains - I tend not to use the word 'fetish' even though in reality fetish can be anything as simple as sneezing, feet, hair and even inflatable toys. lol
There is no nudity in any of my productions, nothing suggestive and no requirement for anything on a sexual theme. It really is as tame & simple as it sounds.

Who Exactly Gets To See The Video?
The video is made available to a small number that have an interest in this type of material but as this is obviously a very specialised catagory of production (in video terms) - the amount of people who ever actually get to own a copy is very very small indeed.
The models name can be changed for the production if the model requires an extra level of anonymity, although the chances of anyone you know stumbling seeing any of my material are virtually zero unless that person has an interest in seeing models playing with inflatable toys.

No special requirement for any hair or make up artists.

Hourly Rate?
Negotiable with the model dependant on various factors.

Dates For A Shoot?
Currently I can shoot any weekday or weekend - but not evenings.

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