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Life has been crazy, shouldn’t let work know I’m better with a camera than the guy I charge of product photography, so now need to get back to working with models. I won't rule anything out but never going to ask for more than anyone will be willing to give the camera. Likewise if you have an idea  you are willing to try then we can try to get it to work. I can be too chatty but feel free to tell me to shut up if u need to   

If you feel worried about a shoot then by all means bring along a chaperone, as long as they don't get in the way or brake anything but i might feel the need to get pictures of them too so best warn them. 

I find the best results come from everyone being relaxed  so need a break then  we'll have a break simple as that

I have some basic terms and conditions to take in to consideration if you wish to work with me.

If you will be travelling some distance after the shoot please let me know you arrive home safe as i am a worrier.

The model sets the Levels not the photographer but might ask for something that is lower level than originally planned if i feel it might be pushing my levels to far.

I am not being held responsible for aching cheeks due to too much laughing smiling and chatting (but has been known to happen as early as 2hours in to an 8hour shoot after this weekend)

Ideas for future shoots will be mentioned, but it is up to you if you wish to accept another shoot.

You are not to fall in love/flirt with the photographer on a private basis (hasn't happened yet unfortunately)

do not take my laid back attitude for laziness as it is as much for me to stay stress free as it is to set the model at ease, as how relaxed the model is shows in the resulting pictures

I always sends pic of myself so model knows who they will be working with encase meeting where there are groups of people (please don't be scared)

Will always say if something is out of place (lipstick on teeth etc)

There will be bad jokes so if you're allergic to them best not to work with me

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