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Hello my name is Andy and I have very late on in life found a passion for photography. For my 50th birthday I decided to have a camera and explore the world through the camera lens. I haven??t looked back since. The world of digital photography is so big and at first was almost overwhelmed with what you can do and all the different type of effects, you can achieve when and after the shutter button is pressed. Also I was totally confused with the terminology, buttons, settings and lens that go with the world of photography. So instead of watching the TV every night for the first three months I scanned U Tube to find somebody I could watch and learn from. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I found a couple of people I could happily listen to and watch. My guru was a guy called Mike Brown who has posted loads of videos very unselfishly and I have managed to get to grips with the basics fairly quickly. Thanks Mike ??
From then to now I have practised and practised and made so many mistakes but I must admit it is so good to see an improvement as you go through an interesting journey learning something new. I still go back to U Tube and scan the internet time and again to learn more and more. What I find so interesting is that however good you think you are getting there is always something to learn and that??s the thing I really like. They is no real way to take an image of something just the way you want to take it. If you manage to capture an image in the way you was thinking of doing it then that??s everything. If somebody else likes it then all well and good. If somebody doesn??t like it then all well and good. It just doesn??t matter. I??m beginning to realise that all art, is about, what the artist see for him or herself at the time the shutter is pressed, or paint hits the canvas, or pencil hits the paper etc. This has been a very important part of my journey that??s been hard to learn.
I??m now at the stage where I have started to see the value of concentrating on a main area of photography. I??m quite an emotional type of guy and have always been drawn towards portraits of anything that show a story or emotion. This fascinates me as you start to see in your mind??s eye what you see in an image. This could be about the image itself or about the artist who made it. In turn I have found myself looking at low key lighting effects using a very simple set up to try and highlight the subject of what you are trying to capture in a way that will reflect your feelings or the subject??s emotions. This to me was captured so well in the early days of photography when there wasn??t all the technical gismo??s around to help capture and image and make it easier for the artist. I have seen that in the modern digital age it is still possible to do the same with a little help from technology and create a similar effect. Still putting the onus on the artist not the technology. This is the way I would like to go and get better and better at. This is my journey now and I??m dead exciting about where it will take me ??
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