Marketing and promoting yourself as a model

Marketing and promoting yourself as a model
Posted on Thursday 25th of August 2011
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You've taken on some TFP shoots, you've created your portfolio, you've decided you'd like to take the freelance
route into modelling..and now you want people to notice you, right?
You need to sell yourself and make sure as many people in the industry as possible see your work and notice you. Just like
businesses market there products, you need to market yourself, after all in this industry YOU are the product.
In this article, I'm going to describe and guide you through some marketing/promotional techniques. Although
these are probably the most popular methods to market yourself..there's always more, use your imagination! In the modelling
industry it takes more than just a pretty face to be need to have indivduality and personality.

1. Portfolio hosting websites.
Use portfolio hosting websites to your advantage and as many of them as possible at that! Most of them offer a free
membership with the option to upgrade to a paid membership. Free memberships are more than often enough to get you
started: you'll be able to upload a set amount of pictures, access forums/castings, browse other members in your area,
start/reply to a set amount of messages each day. Upgrades have various bonuses to free memberships such as unlimited
messages, pictures, casting posts etc. On portfolio hosting websites you should include important information about yourself
(there is normally a form to fill in that covers everything), your shots (obviously!) and also any experience you may or if you
have none what you are hoping to achieve/get out of modelling. Don't just create your account and wait for offers to come
flooding in to need to be active! Message photographers you would be interested in working with, make yourself
active in the forums, apply to casting calls and post casting calls of your own.

2. Social networks.
Facebook, myspace, twitter, tumblr..most people have accounts on at least one of these so use it to your advantage and show
case your work! Facebook has the 'fan page' feature which is useful if you like to seperate your modelling from 'real life.'
There are many advantages of creating a facebook page such as:
-You can upload your whole portfolio.
-You can add a 'reviews' tab which shows any photographers that may be interested in working with you what your like to
work with from people you have previously worked with.
-You have the option to have advertisements for your page displayed in the advertisements section of facebook for a small fee.
-You can update your fans via status update of any shoots your taking part in, any notable achievements and also any
'behind the scenes' shots you may have.

A lot of photographers with facebook fanpages offer an incentive to people that like their page. If they get X amounts of likes
they'll pick at random a 'fan' and give them a free photoshoot. Think outside the box and maybe you could pull together
your own kind of incentive. The more people see your work..the better! Always remember when using social networking
sites to promote yourself to remain professional, bad attitude could lose you potential jobs!

Although facebook is used as the main example here you can open a seperate modelling account in any networking site to
show off your work.

3. Business cards/Comp cards.
Business cards should include important details aswell as shots that represent you as model the best. The front of
a models business card usually display a headshot and also their name/modelling alias in bold and clearly visable, make
sure the front of your card shows a strong shot that people will remember you by. First impressions DO matter. The
back of business cards normally show any between 3 and 6 pictures, one of these being a full length body shot that shows off
your full figure. The shots you use should not only show your skill as a model but also your versatality. The back is also the
place to display important information.

You should include:
-Contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites)
-Bust size
-Hip size
-Waist size
-Dress size
-Shoe size
-Hair colour/length
-Eye colour

You could also include any special skills you may have that make you stand out or the types of modelling work
you prefer/specalize in. Include everything you deem as important but don't over weigh your card with too much information
and remember BE TRUTHFUL! You can send your cards once created to various people such as photographers,
casting directors and companies. They're also ideal to leave behind at any casting you may attend.

4. TFP shoots.
Although TFP shoots may not be an obvious way to promote your yourself, they are! Your getting out there, your meeting
new people in the industry and your showing people what your capable of. TFP shoots are ideal also for building up your
portfolio or updating it when you become more established as a model. Many camera clubs and studios often look for
models to take part in days where they get the oppurtunity to shoot with various different photographers. Check what's
happening in your area!

Remember- network, network, network!

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