Underage Photography and Modelling

Underage Photography and Modelling
Posted on Wednesday 28th of December 2011
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This maybe one of the first things that gets pushed to one side is the age of a model. Certain types of photography with under 18s is against the law and the photographer could face being arrested and getting a record. This would be called as Sex Offence against a minor.

All though the age of consent is 16 the under 18 year old is still classed as a minor. Section 45 of the Sex Offences Act 2003 amended S.1. Protection of Children Act (POCA) 1978 in May 2004 by raising the age of a ‘child’ from 16 to 18.

Now the above is not to scare you in to not taking photos of under 18s but to shine the light on the law and what could happen.

If you approach a model or they approach you and you know they are under 18 you can ask for parental permission first. Some may quickly disappear when you ask this. You must also get proof that they are the father or mother as its been known for under-age models to get "Friends" to act as a parent.

So what sort of pictures can and can't you take?

So what constitutes an illegal image?
It means any images of children, apparently under 18 years old, involved in sexual activity or posed to be sexually provocative and include images depicting erotic posing, with no sexual activity etc..

Images should also be considered with regard to the child’s body position during the activity, this is particularly relevant in gymnastic, dance and sporting activities, where the body may be in unusual positions.

Images you can take?
You can only take images of a under 18 model if they are fully clothed. And must not be wearing any see thru clothing etc..

You must use your own judgement if the pose/clothing is ideal.

This is just a basic view on under-age modelling. Making sure of the models age is not 100% down to you. But also down to the model to prove their real age and be truthful.

Always ask to see ID of a model if they look under 21.

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