Does it really matter if I do not turn up for A TF shoot

Does it really matter if I do not turn up for A TF shoot
Posted on Monday 5th of March 2012
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Many photographers and models will have at some point in their adventures arranged a TF shoot and for a variety of reasons one or the other fails to show up on the day. Does this really matter that much? After all, no one has been paid, there are no costs and no one is out of pocket are they?

Well, if this is what you think I would urge you to think again!

It’s correct that in the true sense of the term no money changes hands between contributors on a TF shoot. Time is given up on both sides of the camera to create images to mutually benefit all involved but is there really a financial cost?

From a models perspective, there is the cost of travelling to the shoot to start with, make up and clothing may have been bought specifically for that theme of the shoot and of course there is their time.

From a photographers perspective there is their time and skill to account for, travelling to location and even the cost of hiring a studio (this open up another can of worms which I may write about at a later date).

From a make up artist’s perspective, they may have purchased make up items specific to the shoot based on what the model or photographer wants to achieve. There are also the usual travelling costs incurred too.

Apart from the financial cost there are other hidden costs too. How many people actually set out to create a poor reputation as being unreliable, a time waster? But this is what you will get, at no cost I might add, and any negative references on your profile will be shouting loud and clear ‘STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON’.

If you are serious about making progress in this industry your reputation is worth its weight in gold and should be promoted well and protected wherever possible. This is how people will judge you besides the quality of your images. There is an old saying that reputation is difficult to build and takes a long time to do so, but it can leave on a fast train in seconds!

Life can get in the way in many ways and if this is the case the least you can do is to contact the people you are going to collaborate with to let them know that you can’t make it. A text message only takes seconds to create and send, even if you are on deaths door with an exotic illness or your grannies cat’s funeral starts soon!

So yes, there is a cost implied with TF shoots for all involved in terms of time, cash and reputation and it really does matter if you don’t turn up so please make every effort and only arrange a shoot if your intend to turn up…preferably on time!

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