Its all in the face

Its all in the face
Posted on Tuesday 31st of January 2012
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Each and every day I see modelling photos of aspiring, potentially great, models but there is something missing; something that prevents them from taking that next step up, from being good to great.

But what is it? It's their facial expression. A models job is to connect with the viewer, to assist in the narrative and how can this possibly be done with an expressionless face?

Take a look at some of the greats, or any of the pros, you’ll never find a photo with an emotionless face:
Tyra Banks:
Kate Moss:

Or any of the professional models on here:

The positioning of the body is not the be all and end all of a pose, and the links above demonstrate that a facial expression helps complete that pose, and narrates the story of the photo. Photographers! If you're working with a model who's lacking expression – then encourage them to create a bit of an expression.

So next time you’re practicing your poses in front of the mirror, as you should be doing as an aspiring model, throw in some facial expressions too. Look at some of the photos I linked above, copy the poses, develop them and make them your own.

You'll be amazed at how much your portfolio improves, how much better your photos come out, and as a result, how much more work you’ll get! wink

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