Websites from the very beginning

Websites from the very beginning
Posted on Saturday 8th of September 2012
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I want to pass some knowledge on, hopefully help someone, in the often scary and unknown world of websites.

In case your wondering, who I am, I or what could I possibly know, let me start by saying, I built and ensured my website stayed not only on Page one of Google, but on every possible Page of Google, for any keyword related to clothing for 5 years.
Just check Google now for sexy lingerie and you will see it return 80,800,000 results.... Now imagine having a website at number 1, Page 1, 2,3,4,5 and so on... How much would that be worth.
So, am I boasting... No, I am asking you to read and learn, maybe you will return some serious cash because of it...


I strongly advise against having a free domain name, or a domain name that comes free with your website or hosting. Simply because it can be difficult to regain control of your domain name should (or rather WHEN) you have a fall out with the hosting company.
It is better to purchase and control your domain name separately.

It is important to get your domain name right. Too long and people wont bother typing it in, too short and your doing yourself out of keywords.
For example, a model called Samantha Wantital living in London might be tempted to purchase the domain name however, it is far too long, it would be better to have after all, until your famous, not many people are going to know your name anyway.

So, how do you choose a domain name??
Domain names can make or break your traffic, I strongly advise doing a keyword search in Google, before buying any domain name. Search Google for keyword tool and play with keywords, find the most searched keywords for your topic and use them in your domain name.

Try to remember,. Com is mainly American and is mainly UK. However, that doesnt mean either is right or wrong, it does however vary as to how and where and when Google ranks you.
That may be relevant for international models.

There are domain suggestion tools, just Google it, these can help if your struggling to find an available one or think of one.
Now you have bought your domain name, you need to get it hosted and out there.
I self build and host my own websites, the downside is that all problems are down to me, no one to do problem solving for me, the upside is that I have full control and it's far cheaper.
However, I started by buying a website complete with hosting, search ebay.
Ebay sell websites complete with hosting, however, stear clear of hosting companies that will not provide a cpanel login, tho if your reading this, your likely to get in a muddle with a cpanel and I do not suggest altering anything inside one until your much more competent, it can hinder your google rankings to not be able to upload certain files, its also a very handy weapon to have in the search engine ranking war. However, again I emphasize, DO NOT rush into your cpanel and start altering things YET.

So, by now, you should have a short, keyword rich domain name and a website complete with cpanel hosting
Lets find out how to get your website found ....(now typing it)

There are defiantly WORST things you can do, in an attempt to get your website looking pretty, relevant and found.
I will try to cover some of them here, but the list is long ...and forever changing. What works today, could well get your site banned in Google tomorrow, or de ranked, so be very careful. Ignorance is no excuse in Googles eyes and once a website is black listed, its very very hard to get it moving forward with Google, there is an appeal, (kind of) but it seems to be run on google employees good grace, rather than concern for you. Try to remember, to you, your website is life or death, to google, your just a bottom of the pile number ...


Google is going nuts right now, on copying. Google want fresh relevant content, its viewers do not want to see the same text and or pictures on many websites. For a long time, Google has ranked fresh content way above almost anything else you can do, have you ever asked why so many websites have blogs or forums now, the answer is because almost hourly (in busy forums) fresh relevant content is being added to the website and google LOVES it.
If you build a website that copies another, an example would be, you have seen a cool website of X model, you love the front page content, X model is flying high in google, so you copy X models keywords, descriptions, categories etc, google knows this and actualy ranks the copied website even higher, because obviously its content is that cool its copied ... however, google also throws you further down the pile of search engine rankings. DON'T COPY.


Spamming is, London model is a sexy model from London, book London model for your London modelling shoots.
See how many times I have used my 2 keyword examples. Google HATES this.
It would be far better to type :
London model is a 30 year old female model from Camden London UK
You will actually rank higher in Google for the second example.
Continue in the vein of the second example through out your website, splatter keywords in almost every sentence, but so it makes sense. Google is so hi tec now, it 'reads' sentences and actually ranks websites higher for relevant content, than keyword spammed.


I keep banging on about Google, yet there are hundreds, no, thousands of search engines out there. In just two short years Bing has cost Microsoft $5.5 billion, In return, it has gained a 14.7% share of the search market, Which means, for all that cash, Google still hasn't been knocked off the top search engine seat.
Google is number 1 and will be for the foreseeable future. If google says jump, or Google wants your website to be pink with yellow spots, if you want traffic, you jolly well better do it. Its that simple !!


DON'T. In a nut shell, DO NOT submit your website anywhere. Think I am mad ?? Let me explain :
I can build a website and within 7 days, 10 tops, have it ranking in the first 10 pages of google. This is because I let google FIND my website. Ok, I have an advantage, I own many websites on various servers, so I link a new website from one of my or several of my other websites and lo and behold, Google FINDS my new website and RANKS it, because it has been linked from a website Google already ranks as an authoritative website. Google LOVES finding new content, it HATES being told it has missed it. Submitting your website or telling Google your website exists can actually hinder you by upto 6 weeks ...Find a friend and ask them to add a link to your website from their website for a couple of weeks.
DO NOT reciprocate links or get involved in link exchanges, this is OLD SCHOOL, Google now HATES it !!
Many websites ask for a link to their site, from your site, in exchange for them having your link on their website. However, Google became sick of going in circles, from their site to yours, back to their site, so it so it actually declassified link pages, it no longer counts them in its search engine. At worst, you look like a link farm ... google link farm to find out how very very bad this label is ...
Besides, many websites, knowing google HATES link exchanges, put a no follow tag on their link page, meaning google will read it, but not follow the link. So you, being nieve, add their link (usually they insist it is from your home page, which is usually the most ranked page by Google on your website) giving them credit, thinking they are going to give you credit, but instead, they stab you in the back.
So, by all means find ways to get your website linked from other websites ( The best way is to have good quality, relevant, authoritative information) it will help you leaps and bounds, but DO NOT link exchange ...


Google black hat SEO and you will find lists of what NOT to do. I mean, DON'T do it, (no wink) ... you WILL get caught, you will get booted from Google, no ifs or buts.
Black hat are ways people find to con Google, one of them is to build a white website and write in white writing, or (insert any colour) site and (insert same colour) text. This way you could write London model 1000 times, no one can read it, no one can report you, you could sail to number 1 in the search engines, HOWEVER, Google now reads the background colour of your website AND the font colour you use and if they are even similar, it will penalize you for it me, it is NOT worth trying to cheat, yes you might make number 1 today, but tomorrow, WHEN not IF Google finds you, you might as well build a new website ... for your cheating website is Fugged ....


When you upload a picture to your website, name it, for example, fashion pose 1 nude pose 2, however, name it like nude-pose-1.jpg etc, this is because Google cannot see pictures, but it reads tags, also, title your pictures where possible. create relevant categories, load relevant pictures in those categories, write a long, informative description for each picture, splattering it with keywords. Some websites (the better ones) allow you to add a title to the picture as you upload it, so when you hold your mouse over the picture, it tells you what it is, Google LOVES this and will thank you for it with higher rankings.


Do not underestimate the sitemap. Google sitemap generators, there are plenty of free ones. The sitemap is one of the only tools you have to tell google of every single page in your website, each page you can get into google is a potential customer drive.


Sign upto Google webmaster, submit your sitemap and other files, confirm ownership of your website by uploading a file, whatever google asks for, (I can't remember it all off the top of my head), be sure to do it. It is a way of helping you, help Google, help you.


DO not link to porn sites, try to not have them link to you, this will seriously affect your rankings, try to keep your images on the cleaner side of adult, maybe hide very adult images in password protected areas, think of the way search results are shown and the amount of people that have kiddy blocks on their computers. 17.9 million families in the UK in 2011 ...... once your labelled as adult, that's a heck of alot of people not going to be seeing your website !!!


Right now, NOW, Google are ranking websites much higher that are popular on social websites, it seems a fair way to judge which website people like, by how many votes or likes it has, so, create a facebook page, a twitter account and every other social website you can find or hear of, add your website link, talk about your website (beware of spamming ... fb will ban you from posting for 15 days and then wipe you off) get your website shared, liked and talked about, find similar fb pages and join them ...


I keep saying it, here it is again, Google LOVES daily change. Log in every day, every single day and change something on your website, add a paragraph, add a photo with a good description, nurture your website, invest time and effort into it, Google WILL reward you for it with higher rankings ..

FINALLY (For now) ..

Remember, Google is just a tool, it is highly changeable and highly unstable, I mean, today you could rank number 1 page 1 for a very competitive keyword, tomorrow you could be beyond page 50.
It is fool hardy to base your entire business on search engines.
Build a website, but get it out there manually, add it to every website your on, every business card, every visit, your car windows, word of mouth, every shoot, drive your own customers to your website, DO NOT rely solely on search engines ....

I am running out of steam now, but there is pages and pages of information I could write to help you, feel free to message me with your questions or website link and when I have time I will gladly check it out for you.
Feel free to add your thoughts, comments to this, remember, this is just my experience, I am not a trained SEO expert.
Kind regards, Mark (Birdman)

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