A brief how to guide for models written (shock horror) by a photographer

A brief how to guide for models written (shock horror) by a photographer
Posted on Saturday 11th of March 2017
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Getting a photographer's attention with your profile.  

The Basics 

The first thing a photographer is going to use is the search facility and if your name doesn't show they won't know you are available for work. 

Make sure you have filled in as much information about yourself as possible in the dropdown menus and tick boxes.  

***Pay particular attention to your postcode and location - if these are incorrect you won't show up in search results based on location or postcode and your target audience will not know you exist***

Your Profile Picture 

This is the second thing a photographer will see, so make it your best. Remember the thumbnails will be quite small on mobile devices so a good headshot is essential. 

Your Portfolio 

The photographer will now know you match their search criteria and they like your profile picture so most will want to look at your other images next. There are no hard and fast rules; different photographers look for different things. Here are some tips to help you maximise your chances of a booking. 

Have at least one headshot (see above) and one full length shot. 

Include at least one image for every style/level of modelling you are available for. 

Pick only your best shots, a large portfolio is fine but photographers don't want to scroll through lots of near identical images from the same shoot. 

Profile Notes 

Personally I read these before scrolling through a model's images, I put as much importance in what a model has to say about themselves as I do on their portfolio. You don't need to write an essay but some information is essential:  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what motivates you to be a model. 

Do you have any favourite styles of photography? 

What rates you charge, if they are fixed or if you have a minimum rate. 

Do you need a chaperone? 


Your entire life history and what your partner thinks about you modelling. 

Spelling mistakes (armature and payed being the most common errors - amateur and paid are the correct spellings). 


Demanding images from a paid shoot, especially unedited straight of the camera.

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