The Model

The Model
Posted on Sunday 10th of April 2011
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Every model is different; every model has their own quality their own style and their own signature look. What you have to do is develop this look and work on it so you can produce that time and time again, whilst still looking fresh.

It is a myth that models have to beautiful. Hard to believe but it is true the world of beauty pageants and modeling are about as far apart as you can get. What most photographers and clients are looking for are models that are adaptable that when they are dressed in a certain garment, they radiate and create desire, desire for the product. The model must play the part, but must not distract from the purpose, and that purpose is to sell.

So what is your selling aid? The answer to that is simple. Your selling aid is you! So therefore you have to ensure that you look after yourself. This means good skincare, good hair, teeth and body. It does not matter what type of model you are whether a size 0 or a plus size, the rules are the same.


You need to look radiant, and you need to look fresh make sure you look after your skin make sure you moisturise and often as required not only to ensure you look good, but also because of make up applied to you during shoots the heat of the studio lights will all help to dull your skin, and that does not make a good photograph.

Hair and teeth

It is important to ensure these are kept in good condition. It is worth spending the little extra at a hairdressers and getting a good hairstyle; good hair quality and style says a lot about a person. Teeth; although it is not a requirement for the bright overly white of the Hollywood smile, it is important to make sure your teeth are In good condition, as bad teeth will show up in a photograph, and you will always be self-conscious about smiling and that will show tension in your face. Having good teeth will give you the confidence to relax.


Modeling is strenuous on the body it often involves strange and obscure poses that may have to be held for periods of time creating and causing stresses and strains on joints and muscles. So it is important that you ensure that you are flexible and have a decent level of fitness. For most genres of modeling it is very important that your body is toned and look good especially in the stomach and arms areas. Make sure you eat properly make sure you exercise regular and make sure you drink lots of water. I've tutored quite a few models, and I've recommended that a lot of them take up yoga, the Wii gaming console is great for that too - as it improves core stability, and allows the model to become a lot more flexible.

Make sure your time keeping is excellent; it is always better to be an hour early than late. Remember time is money and photographers will always have time money and effort tied up in any assignment you are working on. Bad time keeping will get you a bad reputation quicker than anything else no matter and cancelling short notice will give you an even worse reputation - and don't think that any excuse you come up with will be believed - especially the old "family emergency" chestnut. I've worked in the industry for several years, and I must be a bad omen as so many family emergencies seem to happen to models I've booked.

Give at least 48 hours notice if you've changed your mind about a shoot.

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