Message Sending and Log in Slowness

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Posted on Monday 6th of June 2011
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Several new updates for you..

[subheader]Message Sending[/subheader]
When members were using the messaging system, sometimes there was a bit of lag when the messaging system was connecting to all of the other systems to send the message + upload any attachments.

Now when you press "Send!", the submit button will disappear and a message telling you that your message is being sent, and attachments being uploaded, will appear.. hopefully preventing members from pressing the "Send" button several times in confusion ;-)

[subheader]Log in Slowness[/subheader]
We were aware that logging in was taking up to 10 seconds to happen after pressing the "log in" button.

Some of the processing which was being carried out in the background was causing this slowness, it has now been optimised and upgraded - so log in should now be instant with no lag or delay.

[subheader]Other Updates:[/subheader]

When submitting a casting/posting, the "Work Type" has been re-added.
When submitting a photo comment, a "comment submitting.." notification appears after clicking "Submit!".
A bug with the photo comments alert has been fixed.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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