Your messages dropdown and hovercard redesign

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Posted on Tuesday 13th of December 2011
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[subheader]Message Dropdown[/subheader]
Tried hovering over the "Your Messages" link at the top of the page? Hovering over it will now display a quick summary of the last 5 messages you've received, who they're from and whether you've read them.

This will receive another update shortly to add a tab for sent messages, so you'll be able to see a quick summary of messages you've sent, and whether they've been read.

[subheader]Hovercard Redesign[/subheader]

The hovercards (The little things that display when you hover over a members username) have been redesigned, and they will now load a lot quicker.

The redesign has left us with "spare space" on the hover cards which will be used up to display a bit more quick view info about members.

Another small update:
The contact cards ( ) have been updated to include your referral ID, so that if someone clicks through and joins, you'll both receive the 1 months Top Membership free as per the refer-a-friend incentive:


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