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Posted on Monday 13th of June 2011
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The new forum layout has gone live..!

So, whats changed?

[subheader]Forum Home Page[/subheader]

Theres not too much new on the home page, largely, its been cleaned up and made more efficient on the processing side, and a few of the forums have been re-ordered into a more logical order.

[subheader]Thread listings[/subheader]
This is where the updates begin..

User thumbnails have been added down the left hand side of the thread listings - helping you to quickly recognize who has started a thread.

The whole page has been made a lot more efficient, stripping out a lot of the old processing so now the whole page will load a lot quicker.

The view count of each thread has also been added, this information has been logged since day 1 of the forums - it has just not been displayed before.

The name of the thread starter has now been made more obvious, as the thread title is now above the thread starters name.

[subheader]The Threads[/subheader]
The biggest changes are obvious within the actual threads.

Gone are the huge, ugly bars above each users post with the endless amount of links around the post.

The post is now a lot more simplified, with just the members username and avatar, giving a far cleaner look to the whole thread.

It is now possible to get email alerts for each thread, so you can follow a thread without having to have replied to it. To turn on an email alert for a thread, there is a tick box located at the top right of each and every thread (providing you are logged in).

Adding a new post no longer takes you to a "Submitting your post" page, and then back to the thread.
Now it adds your post instantly without the page refreshing.

Take a look at the forums for yourself here , and don't forget to let us know what you think about the new layout!

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