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Posted on Sunday 22nd of May 2011
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We understand that no one likes sudden change, no one likes to log on and find a website has been completely reorganised, thats why over the past few months we've been slowly making subtle changes to the main header of the site, and now you can see why..

We've just introduced our new [b]search engine![/b]

The new search engine is accessible here:

- OR -

via the new search bar at the top of every page, next to the MadcowModels Logo.

[subheader]What can I search for?[/subheader]
We index several different areas of MadcowModels, these are:
[bull]All user profiles[/bull]
[bull]All of the photos[/bull]
[bull]The Forums[/bull]

What we don't index:
[bull]Casting calls[/bull]
[bull]User listings[/bull]

[subheader]How often do you reindex pages?[/subheader]
Whenever a page is updated, it is added to the reindex queue. A portion of the queue is re-indexed every 15 minutes - so any changes you make to your profile, photos etc are all likely to be reflected within the search results within 15 minutes.

[subheader]How long will it take for my profile to appear in the search engine?[/subheader]
It can take up to 3 days for new members profiles to appear within the search results.

[subheader]Other header changes[/subheader]
We've made a few other subtle changes to the header.

[bull]You can now turn Work Safe Mode on and off at the top of the page.[/bull]
[bull]Renaming of a few of the header links[/bull]
[bull]A new link to the Member Upgrade page has been added.[/bull]

[subheader]Other Site Changes[/subheader]
[bull]Free members are now limited to posting 2 casting calls[/bull]
[bull][b]Members Near You[/b] - on your control panel, you can now see a random selection of members near you![/bull]


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