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Posted on Sunday 4th of December 2011
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[subheader]Education Centre[/subheader]
For many months I've mentioned in the forums that I'm interested in building an education centre. Why? Well a lot of our members are relative newcomers to the industry, so having a one-stop-shop where our experienced members can share some of their knowledge and experiences with the "newbies" makes perfect sense.

You can find the new education centre here:

The development blogs and articles have been integrated with it, as well as the glossary and other "site help" bits.

The "Member help" section will be expanded to include other sections over the next few weeks, but we feel theres enough there to kick start it.

[subheader]Youtube on profiles[/subheader]
Some members have expressed interest in posting youtube videos of themselves on their profiles.

This has now been enabled, and members can post youtube videos by wrapping the video ID (the bit after ?v= in youtubes URL) in [youtube][/youtube] tags.

[subheader]Photo Nudity[/subheader]
Currently the safe mode blocks out whole categories of photos, because they may contain nudity.
This is an inefficient and unfair way to do it. Why should your photo that doesn't contain nudity be blocked because others in that category do!

So now the "Upload photo" and "Edit photo" dialog pages have a "This photo contains nudity" checkbox. If ticked, this will put the photo behind the safe mode wall.

We are actively updating any photos we see that contain nudity, but with ~15,000 photos online, we ask that you also update your own if required.

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