This Weeks Site Update Roundup WC 17th Feb

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Posted on Wednesday 17th of February 2016
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Every week I'm going to round up the latest site updates on the site developments blog :) So, lets crack on!

[subheader]Social Media Updates[/subheader]
Many of you have connected your Twitter or Facebook account connected to MadcowModels, meaning that when you upload a photo, or like one, or start a thread - we inform your social media follows.

The updates we send have been updated, and for each update we will cycle through between 4 and 5 different messages - keeping the updates you send to your social networks fresh! :)

Is there anything else you'd like automatically shared to social networks?


Instagram is one of the worlds most popular photo sharing apps, available on the Apple App store and the Android App Store.

MadcowModels have an Instagram account - and we'd love for you to follow us there too!

Whats more than that, we'd love to share some of your images there too! We're aiming to share some of the starred images there, and if you fancy having your image shared - give us a shout and we just might! :)

[subheader]Infinite Scroll[/subheader]

Infinite Scrolling is when, instead of clicking "Next" at the bottom of each page, it just loads there, automatically. No input necessary.

We've slowly rolled this out across member search results, member listings and Liked Photo lists!

Oh and we've even got a little bit of fancy Javascript magic in there meaning that you won't lose your place if you click "Back" :)

[subheader]Mobile Website Liking[/subheader]

We've shuffled photo liking over onto the mobile website too! Development of the mobile website has slowed dramatically in the past few months (more on something big around that soon..) - but you can now like images on the go, too!

[subheader]Home Page[/subheader]

The Non-Members home page has seen a raft of updates this week, including some usability enhancements and some updates to what will be the automated CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) system.


Not the most interesting update in the world, but hopefully a handy one. We've updated our Favicon (that little icon at the top of your browser) to clearly reflect our logo a little bit more.

We've also included some updates that means this will render better/properly on microsoft tablets, windows-10, iPhones and Android devices.

[subheader]Photo Pages[/subheader]

The photo pages have had a bit of an early spring clean! We've removed a few unecessary bits, as well as including a "More in my portfolio" section underneath each image.

We think it looks a lot better, and I hope you do too!

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