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Posted on Friday 18th of November 2011
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We've always been fairly relaxed with the photos uploaded to MadcowModels, both in quality and content.

We will now be tightening the reigns on what can be uploaded, but for the better.

[subheader]Camera phone photos[/subheader]
The uploading of camera phone photos/low quality photos have always been against the rules, but this rule has never been enforced except in some cases.
This rule will now be fully enforced. Camera phone photos are no longer allowed on the site, and any camera phone/low quality photos on the site will be removed.

Please bear with us whilst we do this.. there are thousands and thousands of photos on MadcowModels, and it takes time to go through them! Of course, if you see any low quality photos, please feel free to notify us using the "Report" section.

[subheader]Non-modelling photos[/subheader]
We've also, occasionally, allowed new* photographers to upload "non modelling" photos.

New photographers can still upload non-modelling photos, but:

1) They will only be allowed a maximum of 2 non-modelling photos in their gallery

2) If you have 2 or more modelling photos in your gallery, non-modelling photos are not allowed/will be removed.

Point 2 applies to all photographers/members.

By implementing and enforcing these changes, we hope to improve your viewing and browsing experience of MadcowModels.



(*new to photography, not new to MadcowModels)

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