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Posted on Monday 5th of March 2012
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Whether you have your own business to advertise, a blog, or even just want to advertise your own portfolio, you can do so quickly easily and affordably using the MadcowModels Advert Publisher, and now its even easier to target your advert with our latest Advert Manager updates.

Whats new?:

[bull] Your Advert Manager ( www.madcowmodels.co.uk/advertising/manager ) has been integrated with your account, so no need to log in to each advert individually.[/bull]
[bull] The old advert manager log in screen is now a summary page for your adverts ( www.madcowmodels.co.uk/advertising/manager ) [/bull]
[bull] You can now set up an advert by purchasing "clicks" (20p CPC) or impressions.[/bull]
[bull] You can choose during what time of the day you want your advert to display[/bull]
[bull] You can set a limit for how many times a day each person can see your advert[/bull]
[bull] You can choose to target your advert towards members or non-members[/bull]

And for a limited time only, use this code when creating your advert: [b]Madcow50[/b] and get [b]50% off[/b]!


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