We've compiled a small glossary of terms used within the modeling and photographic industry. We understand that becoming a part of a new industry can be a bit daunting, and thats before you realise theres potentially a whole new language of terms and words out there.

ModelFolio Terms

Postings: On ModelFolio, casting calls are often referred to as "postings". This is because some postings are open-ended, or because they may be someone gauging interest.

Your control panel: This is where it all happens. Your control panel contains links to all the different areas on the site to help you maintain your profile, and network with other members.

Alerts: On your control panel, the alerts are the little snippets down the left hand side which tell you how people have been interacting with you, for example, replying to your messages.

Saved User: Saving a user adds them to your saved user list, this makes it easier to find their profile again, it also allows you to keep track with their progress in the industry, as their updates will be posted on your alerts feed.

TopMember: "TopMember" is our highest level of membership, costing only £3 a month, it allows members on this membership plan to upload an unlimited amount of photos, and send an unlimited amount of messages a day.

PremiumMember: Premium membership is our lifetime membership, for a one off payment of £20, members on the premium membership can upload up to 100 photos and have unrestricted access to sending messages.
For more info on our membership packages, please view this page.

Editors Choice: Every few days, our editor goes through the photos on ModelFolio and highlights the photo that the editor believes deserves highlighting. This photo may be selected for a variety of reasons, the member with the most improved portfolio, the photo is very visually impressive and theres many more reasons. This photo will then be shared over several social networking websites as well as having pride of place on the front page on

Daily Summarys: Every day, our system sends an email summarising the daily events on ModelFolio. This includes links to the newest members, and latest castings/postings. Daily Summarys are an "opt-in" feature, which can be customised in the "Options" tab on "Your control panel".

Work Safe Mode: This feature prevents any adult content from displaying whilst turned on. Work safe mode is turned on by default, and can be turned off by clicking the link on the bottom right of the sites footer. If you're signed in and aged under 18, you will not be able to turn off work safe mode.

Modeling Terms

Modeling Agency: A company, or individual, that promotes a model and receives a fee for any work they book for them.

Client: Not all work comes from photographers or agencies, sometimes, a client may need to hire models. This may be for a catwalk show, an events show (for example, grid girls), or even other promotional work.

Casting Call: A casting call is a notice put out by someone looking for model(s). Often this will include a brief description of the job, and what they're looking for in the model they require.

Composite card/Zed card: This is a models business card, often containing 3 or 4 photos with the models basic stats and contact information.

Freelance: Not every model is signed with an agency, some prefer to go freelance and find their own work.

Model Release: A model release is a contact that is signed by the parties involved, often the photographer and the model, and it outlines who can use the photo to do what, for example a photographer may ask the model to sign a model release form if he intends to sell the photo commerically.

Online Portfolio: Websites such as exist to allow members of the industry to upload their portfolio and list their stats and availability which is then accessibly 24/7. This website also allows you to network with other members too.

(Modeling) Rates: Someone may ask a model for their rates, this is the rates of pay the model charges for each level of work they do.

Stats: This is the information about you, such as height, eye colour, hair colour, sizes etc.

TFP/Time for print: This is where the model and photographer both work for free. The model gets a copy of the shots taken for their portfolio, and the photographer has had the models time.

TFCD/Time for CD: This is where the model and photographer work for free, and in return, the model gets a copy of the shots on CD.

TFDP/Time for digital Print: With the increasing popularity of online portfolios, many models and photographers prefer to work for TFDP, which is where the model gets a digital copy of the photos from the shoot, often received via email or through our "Attachments" feature on the messaging system.

Photographic Terms

Ambient Light: This is the light already available in the room, before adding any strobes/flashes.

Aperture: This is the adjustable opening in the lens that controls how much light reaches the film/sensor.

Aperture priority: Where the photographer sets the aperture, and the camera automatically adjusts the shutterspeed.

Angle of Incidence: The angle created between the "Normal" and the "Incident Ray" is referred to as the angle of incidence.

Angle of View: The maximum angle of acceptance of a lens, capable of creating a good quality image.

Bounce Lighting: Where the object/subject being lit, isn't lit directly by the light source, but the light is reflected off another object/reflector, creating a softer light.

Depth of Field: This is the area of your photo that are in focus, from the nearest point to the furthest point. The smaller the aperture, the larger the depth of field.

Diffused Light: Light softened creating less shadows, softer shadows, and a more even spread of light. Often created by bouncing a light or using a soft box.

Fill Light: The fill light is a light that fills in the shadows created by the main light. This can be another flash unit, or just a reflector placed to reflect some of the main light back.

F-Stop: This indicates the camera lens' aperture opening. On many flash/strobe units, it also indicates the set power of the unit.

Hot Spot: Where a part of your scene has become over exposed, often by the light being positioned incorrectly, the power set too high, or the light readings not taken correctly.

ISO (ASA): This refers to the speed of the film/sensitivity of the sensor. The lower the number, the more light it will require. Often in studio photography, the ISO is set very low - normally 100 or 200.

Light spill (Lens flare): When light is directed or refracted down the lens barrel, this creates a flare effect. Sometimes it is the photographers desire to create this flare, but it can also happen through mistake.

Main Light: This is the primary light used in your lighting set up, this is the one that most likely lights up your model and some of the environment around them.

Shutter Speed: This is the time during which the shutter on your camera is open, exposing the film/sensor to light and creating the photograph.

Slave Light: A slave light is one that fires when it detects the flash from another light, normally your main. This means that you will only require one radio trigger to set off all of your lights.

Soft Box: This is a unit that attaches to the front of your flash/strobe. A softbox will have a white front to help diffuse the light, creating a nice soft light. Soft boxes come in all shapes and sizes.

Snoot: This creates a narrow beam of light, perfect for creating spotlights on your backdrop, and also works well for a head light.

Trigger: One transceiver attaches to the hot shoe on the top of your camera, and another plugs into your main light. This wirelessly triggers your flash.

Backdrops: There are 3 types of backdrops: Muslin, vinyl and paper. Paper is the most commonly used as its cheap and easy to use. These come in many different colours, though the most common are white, black and grey.

Reflectors: Often in gold or silver, these are used to reflect some light back on the subject. The gold reflector gives a warm glow, whilst the silver one creates a colder glow.

If you believe we've missed any, please feel free to contact us.

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